2020 Rankings: Best university of Canada is chosen by the satisfaction of the students

In every educational firm students plays an important role, the same way it is must recognize the student’s opinion for identifying the best university of Canada. Ranking in between universities or educational institutions without student’s opinion is impossible.


While giving rankings to Canadian universities the students play an important role in finding the best over every university. There are about 18,000 students who respond to the rankings and they give their opinion and views regarding the campus of the university, professors, staff, and rest if other extracurricular activities into the students. The students give their opinion on everything about the university there good and bad they mention everything buys which are easy for considering the universities.


Giving importance to the students is the best way to recognize the university position because they are the only people who experience everything and on behalf of their experience. Students also give their views on the and also give preference to the healthy condition s of the students, especially the mental stress and other relatable disorders. Along with this, they state the sexual assault that which university is doing their best in the prevention of such things into the campus.

This includes several opinions of the students and can judge the universities and allot the ranks and preference to then universities.


Medical institutions/school/universities

+1 Sherbrook

+2 Laval

+3 queens



+1 Wilfred Laurier

+2 Guelph

+3 Carleton


Mainly undergraduate 

+1 Mount Allison

 +2 Bishop’s

 +3 Nipissing