3 Punjabi students are killed in car crash!

Ontario Provincial Police Communications tweeted about a triple fatal crash on Oil Heritage Line that happened at approximately 1:30 AM on 4th October. In St. Clair College in Windsor, three students study there from Punjab, on the oil heritage line a triple fatal crash happened. It is reported that those three students from Punjab were killed in a car accident on Oil Heritage Road in the South of Oil spring in Ontario.

When the Ontario Provincial Police Communication gets to know about it, they tweeted about they are investigating in this case. Along with Lambton Emergency Medical Service and Oil Springs Fire Department, police responded to this car crash accident. The road between Aberfeldy Line and Gum Bed Line, it is closed. After around 22 hours, the police communication again tweeted for the road clearance.

During that time, the local news sites in Ontario reported that there were 4 persons in the car. Three were dead in the accident who were the students and the one who is driver reported to the hospital immediately for a medical emergency.

The news claimed that those three who were sitting in the car was on the back seat.
Those who were dead in the accident are Tanvir Singh, Gurwinder Singh, and Harpreet Kaur. Three students were from St. Clair College in Windsor and were in their twenties.

It is claimed that the crash has been made due to the over speeding of the car. The car was at high speed and suddenly it lost its control which made this unfortunate incident happen.