Abortion is something that is not even acceptable anywhere. Abortion is an undeniable campaign issue that comes in media coverage daily. Abortion is the topmost niche on which debate is going on. In Halifax, at an NDP town hall on health care, the leader of NDP, Jagmeet Singh announced for abortion as an “abysmal”. Even he vowed to Canada Health Act to improve it as well.

On the other side, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May argued on the words that a woman has the total right for a legal abortion. The candidates who are in the party were not agreeing on these words and even they represented their conflicted views towards this topic. Justin Trudeau who is the leader of the Liberal Party is also deeply disappointed about backsliding on abortion rights.

The Medical Abortion Pill 

Abortion is unrestricted by law in Canada and this all is protected by the constitutional rights to the security of an individual from sex and gender discrimination. It is estimated that in Canada, near about 100000 women abort and even one in three women seeks abortion once in their lifetime.

Many of the folks consider abortion is not good for health but that’s not the truth. It may make a woman get weak for some time but it is not harmful to the health of women. Even Canada feel safe in providing abortion to the ladies.

Abortion is publically insured and even in some of the cases, it is free as well. In 2015, Canada approved Mifegymiso, the medical abortion pill. The pills are available in Mifegymiso since 2017 and the pill is found effective as well for the 9 weeks gestation.