What’s the reason that Canadian students don’t feel prepared and safe for their future?

According to recent research or survey, it is claimed that students don’t what they have to after 12th grade. They are unable to conclude infarct they are hanged between their choices and their choices and preferences. It is to be concluded they are not confident and not sure what they have to do in the future and what makes them succeed in their life.

It is a major issue for the next generation because today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. Yet they don’t analyze what suits them and having an interest in the subject. It has happened because some of the students have a comfortable and rich environment that doesn’t let them feel about their future or responsibility. They only end up enjoying their life but it would not last for a lifetime, after a particular period they have to do something for them.

After talking with students it is found that most of the students cleared that they are confused that what to and from where they start. They require proper guidance about their future and consultant who helped them for finding a student’s future path on which they have a walk.

All of the above students confess that they don’t feel safe for their future because they unable to find what they have to do and they have a burden on them of higher studies, graduation, and scholarships. Parents forced pr lied pressure on them for the highest scores. Everyone tells them their desires but no one can ask them or try to find the problem where they have stuck between.

If parents and teachers pay attention to their future and show concern by consulting them then the problem may solve out.