“Academic amnesty” for students demanded by Edmonton trustee in climate protest

Trustee of the Edmonton’s directly contacted at the boards to give academics amnesty to the students. It is because to attend most of students going to attend the protest which is organized for Friday.

This is planned according to the global climate strike; we can also say the series of climate strike which is held around the entire world.  Most of students are expected to attend the event at the Alberta legislature on time by skipping classes.

Michael Janz, the trustee only wants to prevent the students from lagging behind in their studies because if they attend the program or events while their studying hours then it will result as the loss of studies. That’s the reason they want amnesty for the students.

They also trying to convince the faculty not to conduct any test or assessment when the students have to walk out for the something academic or for nation.

Supporting students is a great encouragement for the students to take part in the things will take step forward for the things they wants to rectify for the growing nation. It is really good thing that to support or encourage students but which they able to understood what is good for them and for their nation.

It is must to induces good quality to students because they are the upcoming people who going to lead nation and work hard for their personal growth and for the country as well. If have positive mind set then they are able to bring positive results and vice versa.