Air Canada CEO launches $2M scholarship for uOttawa and l’Université de Montréal students!

The president and executive officer of Air Canada, Calin Rovinescu and his wife Elaine, both have created a scholarship funding for the first generation Canadians. This is made to look for pursuing post-secondary studies at the University of Ottawa and l’ Université de Montréal.

Calin and Elaine Rovinescu, both announced for the scholarship for the new Canadians which will go to the undergraduate and professional students. This is announced on Thursday and applicable for both, The University of Ottawa and l’ Université de Montréal. The donation was near about 200000000$ which will be equally divided in between both these universities. When they into the city, what they had is nothing. At that time, there was no value for them. What they had is extensive university and their professional education which is going to thrive in their new country. He said that these opportunities for him were so beneficiary and he is proud to work with alma maters.

The scholarships will be given to the students who are from the bachelor’s and professional degrees. And these students must be qualified for any financial assistance. Not only this, this all will be taken in the account grades, community, social, sports and in other activities.

Calin has a civil law degree from l’ Université de Montréal. Not only this, he has a common law degree which is from the University of Ottawa. In 2014, he received a doctorate from both universities. Calin is the 14th chancellor of the University of Ottawa which was following its installation in November 2015.