As we know that everything has a systematic process of doing things, as same as there is also the process of hiring employees into the firm. This also includes the registration in payroll with the Canada revenue agency and setting up of another deduction from employee salary. Requirements for the employer before hiring an employee: • Business Number business should be registered online; if he doesn’t have then he has to fill a form RC! And send a request for the business number and mail it to the tax service office. 1. Payroll Account • In addition to the business number you also required payroll account, so apply the same along with the business number. These are the things an employer needed must hire employees legally. There are some steps you have to go through this for hiring a new employee systematically. • Job description • Designation • Interview • Offer or joining letter Acceptance of the offer letter This is not considering under the legal process or government requirement. The acceptance of joining a letter is a written agreement between the employee and employer that contains all the necessary information regarding jobs like timing, salary, holidays and other important things. The purpose of issuing this, it prevents misunderstanding and conflicts that occur in the future. This onwards various things can be determined Social insurance number This requires for oversee profit from government. The employer has to check and verify the SIN of an employee within three working days. The cards help in identifying whether the customer is Canadian or an outsider or is not the permanent resident of Canada. Required forms Employee has to fill some of the particular form issued by the employer such as personal tax credit return, and other important forms.

International studies becoming trend day by day but it is not so easy to get admitted into foreign college. It requires a lengthy documentation procedure and also permits from the immigrant officer. In Pakistan, there is a lack of education and not so good quality education is provided to the students. This will directly impact the future and career of the Pakistani students.

Nowadays the Canada government makes the process easier for some countries one of them is Pakistan, in which they got the facility of the online portal. They make an application for college admission through the online portal. The online portal is free of cost and rendering services to more and more people who need it. They are answerable to the question asked by the applicant regarding school, college, universities or any other educational institution. They also help in shoring and analyzing.

The online portals not only seem helpful to the students but they assist properly to get a permit for pursuing studies in Canada. They assist students because the Pakistani students are not aware and well known by the system and procedure of getting admitted into the US colleges.

The programs aim at holding fresh and new talent from the world. This would also be going to make the flow of income into the country. This will help them in securing the rank for higher student immigrant applications in Canada.