At campus fraternities, UBC professor claimed students drugged, RCMP investigating

University of British Columbia’s professor declared that several students were drugged at the campus fraternities and some are fetched up at the Vancouver bar.

A student is there who spent his weekend in the hospital just because of drugs and overdose. As we know a smaller amount of drugs are hazardous for the people and students are consuming on a daily base. Besides that student, six other students are mentioned by the UBC’s professor who catches up while taking drugs. Those students also found in the hospital the next day.

This information is spread through electronic media especially on social media. News spread on social media is taken more seriously and people thought about it. It is to be expected that this makes a change in the consumption of drugs because people get aware of it and can take care of their children and tries to remove such kind of habits.

A hard investigation is going on regarding the critical issue. A major step will take shortly by the government for this issue because the youth of Canada is not walking on the right track but playing with their lives. This will destroy their lives and spoil the future and growth of the nation.