Blooming time for DU students at their flower show

Delhi University students have never failed to address the issues of society in their best effective ways. And when it comes to environment and nature, Delhi university organised a ‘Flower show’ every year at Mughal Garden.


Many spectators from across Delhi come to witness this mesmerising show. Students had a BLOOMING experience with their yearly organised ‘Flower Show’. 

The 61st Annual Flower Show organized by the Garden Committee of the University of Delhi saw a powerfully lovely show of flowers and emotions.

The Mughal Garden of the Vice Chancellor’s Lawns was adorned with one-thousand flowers in a very beautiful array of several colours on the 1st of March, 2019. Celebrating the 61st edition of the Annual Flower Show of the University of Delhi, the exhibit left each spectator mesmerised. Students, the fellow admirer of flowers and plants with excitement expressed, “It appears like dreamy heaven!”

Participants from twenty-six faculties, fourteen hostels and University Halls, institutions, colleges and students from Delhi-NCR participated within the event. A various multitude of around 7000 footfalls as well as youngsters and senior voters enjoyed the floral displays and fête. The event was inaugurated by the professional Vice-Chancellor and also the Registrar of the University. Prizes, as well as seventy-two rolling shields and cups, were awarded.

The annual event aims at sensitizing the university students to participate actively and contribute to the surroundings by conserving its bounties and beauties. Bakhtawar Iqbal, a 3rd-year student from Hindu college exclaimed that he aspired to practise gardening from this present day ahead. Pooja, another student bought quite10 saplings from the exhibition. She stated, “One of the simplest things regarding this exercise is that they sell these saplings, like succulents, at throwaway prices!

One of the most highlights of the exhibit this point was the ‘Forest: Conservation, Productivity, Livelihood’ project. Reproval DU Beat, Parul Bhardwaj, a student of phytology beneath the Garden Secretary of University of the city, faculty member Sudeshna Mazumdar-Leighton aforementioned, “This are a few things new regarding this point. We have got an academic exhibit that highlights the importance of forests. The project, because the name suggests has 3dimensions: Conservation, Productivity, Livelihood. It focuses on the usage of Non-Timber Forest product (NTFPs) like silk, honey and oils like mahua and Kusum.” Bhardwaj additionally mentioned, “Integration of the ladies community living in shut proximity of the forests has been expeditiously aimed toward furthermore. Ladies square measure the first sellers, gatherers and processors of NTFPs. This project and its propagation aim at permitting them larger employment opportunities.”


Notably, the foremost exuberant show of flowers was by the Miranda House Team. Deservingly, Miranda House was awarded all prime 3 positions. An enormous form of flowers from sunflowers to lilies and daisies, the exhibit captured eyes and feeling alike. Adding to the present were numerous street play performances by societies.

Various art pieces and models displayed in tents drove home powerful and galvanizing messages home. Completely different arrays of flowers were named and understood otherwise. These models that explored themes like women empowerment and also the joys and trials of womanhood, or people who voiced concern over the Brahmanical social system, all of them carried insight.

A special section was dedicated to commemorate the brave soldiers lost in the tragic Pulwama terror attack. lovely wreaths mourned and celebrated the martyrs. several of the floral models advocated the prevailing of peace and how war isn’t the solution.

The message driven home by organising this event was that of celebrating nature altogether its splendour and serene beauty.