Canada college programs seems overriding over global education

International education in Canada is growing day by day. As more international students want to get higher and better qualification for this they came to Canada and continue their studies here. In the last year the percentage of international is growing from single to double-digit.

Canada receives an immigrant application for a study permit is about 11% in 2018. Immigrant applications from the Indians were increased by 17 percent whereas the application of china is declined by seven percent.

According to the immigrants and citizenship Canada shows that 37% of the 349,641 only study permit applications in Canada in the past year. Rising demand of study immigrants will also lead ion demand for college and universities for the international students. This is happened because out of total study applications 40% of the applications are only for college study permits.

Many programs are running for the students that make their permit cost lowest than actual and to get permit also. Colleges also make student to get benefit from the newly tracked permit of study.

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