Canada seeks international education calls for greater diversification and innovation

International students are studying in Canada because it has the best education platform, along with the 570,000 international students in Canada studying with a special permit to study in Canada. Permit holders in Canada contribute $21 billion to the economy in Canada. Major aim of Canada is to contribute $148 million towards the strategy to develop international sources among the foreign students who are studying in Canada. It is done and about $30 billion is diversified in putting recruitment efforts.

Most of the foreign student it’s approximately 50% of the students are from China and India. These international students are staying in the luxurious and major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. The rest of the cities doesn’t have much activeness regarding this. This only aims at expending strategy recruitment efforts for international education in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, France, Morocco, etc.

Canada tries to gain more international students because it introduces more talent to the nation as well as more immigrant application in Canada. That’s why they focus on diversifying international recruitments.

In this strategy, Canada is constructing new and international schools with the recruitment of special faculty with high experience and higher education. These schools or institutions are educated in both of the official languages of the county in English and French. Canada is greeting international students to came and study with us. Working with different talent and fresh ideas gives a new turn to the country and makes it more growing.