Careers in Foreign Languages

Obsessed with the ‘fancy foreign sounding’ side of yours? Then you can opt for a career in Foreign Language.   

Language is one of the foremost powerful communication tools out there to an individual. With globalisation, an individual who has a knowledge of over one language has a number of benefits to his/her credit.   


Some folks have a gift in a certain foreign language but don’t have a passion to find out and develop a career therein. If this appears like you, a programme in foreign languages would possibly prepare you to kick start a career using your talent. Browse on to find out concerning foreign language career prospects, like teaching or translating.  

With a degree in foreign languages, this planet of communication exposes. Moreover, having the ability to jaunt other countries and speak with their inhabitants, graduates can use their linguistic skills to find gratifying employment in fields like foreign teaching, decoding or consulting.   

There are varied choices to learn foreign languages. Whereas many students begin learning a foreign language in their schools, various others prefer the course after their 10+2 and opt for graduate courses that are offered by numerous institutes, schools and universities. Then there are some certificate courses and diploma courses for a shorter duration.  


If you have got a deep interest in knowing the way of life, language and culture of others. Learning a foreign language is an unprecedented career choice. A career in an exceedingly foreign language isn’t only enticing in terms of fulfilling the innate passion to know culture and people but also earns you handsome wages.   

Jawaharlal Nehru University offers enticing scholarships for college students learning foreign languages. The university has excellent student exchange program with various universities and foreign language students receive choice to study in foreign universities for a certain amount during their course of study in JNU.   


Foreign language professionals earn attractive remuneration relying upon the work and the organization. Professionals operating for PR or promoting Department of any MNC will earn Rs thirty,000 – 50,000 per month. Lecturers will earn any regular payment within the vary of Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 a month. Translators on the opposite hand receive Rs 250 to Rs five hundred per page; compensation depends a lot upon the proficiency within the language. Similarly, an interpreter who is paid on an hourly basis will earn Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 per hour, again relying upon his caliber and work expertise.   


Problems in getting hired?  

Readymade sentences don’t help in the future, therefore learn the language from scratch and construct your own sentences. There would be a problem at the beginning but the effort would pay in the end. A learning power and zeal to stand out are must build up proficiency in a spoken side of the language. If active interaction is feasible, use it to maximize the language skills. nobody will speak better than native speaker, therefore, speak with them to boost spoken skills. What varied MNCs and KPOs explore for in candidates is their fluency and clarity within the language, therefore gain them over time.   


Hurry! Make your obsession a career!!