Class size of high school remain same this year in Ontario, will it remain same in the future?

This year the class size in Ontario remains the same with a fewer variation in size. The variation of size doesn’t affect much as it is a bit only. In the forthcoming year also it would not be larger than much it is before decided by the education ministers.

Class size should be I limit which are 22 or 22.5 students into the class. The size of the class is wide and normal and it is fine for the individual who is maintaining the same.

Ford government is planning to increase the class size which tends to decline the jobs for teachers. In short, around 1000 teachers have to leave their jobs if something happened like that in the future. The province government makes a declaration about the scientific changes which means losing 216 teachers in grades 4-8 and the rest of the 800 will in high school.

Along with the increase in the size of the class, they also declare that would restrict or ban on using cell phones in the school, especially in the classroom while lecturing. The government decides the size of the classroom would be extended up to 28 from the standard size of 22.

Increasing class size leads to the loose of the job but that doesn’t mean they are going to remove the teachers but they will make adjustments from the retirement and resignation in the education sector. No spontaneous loss of jobs would occur.

Nothing is final yet what is going to happen in the future. There are only estimations but the plans are almost final but still not 100% confirmed.



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