Craze of vaping in Ontario among teenagers tends to respiratory disease

Vaping is in trend among teens almost across the entire world. It is trendy that’s why people fond of vaping, drinking and smoking as well. In Canada, there is a ban on selling hazardous products to those having age below 18. But this is not sufficient to make the rule, it requires a strict implementation with the transparency and declaration of the hard punishment for the seller and buyer both.

We all know vaping ids injurious as it damages the lungs but still people doing it with the different flavors. Flavored vaping contains less harmful content in it. It is Ok to vape on occasions but in a routine, it is not good.

Now it is considered as the major issue to worry about because in Ontario students are vaping or smoking in school, school buses or even in the washroom because they are afraid of caught by the teachers. It seems as the worsen thing that is going on in Canada because most of the consumers are students in short youth or future leaders. If they damaged then would the economy survive or nation develops.

It is claimed that vaping is good to overcome from the habit of smoking tobacco and it makes ease for them to stop smoking. Some people are habitual of smoking because it is cheaper than vaping. Many brands are having the cheaper quality that harms the most but not going to claim any one brand but wants to ban all the brands and stops consumption of tobacco. This tends to various diseases linked up with the respiratory system.