Do you have a knacking fashion sense?

Its every youth’s passion to look good and wear good. Are you more into The Glamour, The Fame, The art of creating something new? Becoming a fashion designer promises you all this and even more.


Fashion design is the art devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories. This art is has evolved over time and place although it was influenced by cultural and social attitudes. Fashion coming up with has come an extended manner from the designer garments worn by the royalty of the traditional world to the high fashion merchandise of this.

Fashion coming up with is turning into a lot of competition these days. If you would like to pursue a career during this trade, you’ll need to develop many alternative skills. it’s not solely regarding obtaining a Bachelor’s degrees in Fashion style, however additionally regarding Visual Arts, General style and even Graphic style information additionally, you ought to have a sense of what’s going on today with the fashion trends. Now, let’s have a look at your study options if you want to become the next Vivienne Westwood.


Get an early advantage – prepare from high school for fashion studies
It’s always sensible to be prepared sooner than time to fulfil university admission needs for a Fashion degree. That’s why doing some related-courses in high school will assist you. Here are some key steps you’ll take:

Take home economics categories to find out a way to sew quick
Draw and paint on your own to exercise your eye for colour and patterns
Learn visual style software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Xara, line DrawPlus
Read about art and fashion style from blogs, books, magazines.

Top four Bachelor’s degree choices to fill the gap of the fashion world
 1. Go classic with a Bachelor’s in Fashion style
 If you don’t need to simply add the fashion trade, but really become the thrust behind it, then you wish to start out with the basics. Doing undergrad studies in Fashion design can assist you perceive everything regarding fashion designing history, manipulating articles of clothing textiles, sketching and drawing garments, fashion events, or managing a fashion house. Some smart faculties to apply for are:
LISAA college of design, in France
 Istituto Europeo Di design (IED), in Italy
 Accademia Del Lusso, in Italy
 London faculty of contemporary Arts, in the UK


To start a career as a dressmaker, 2 varieties of qualifications are needed, that is, natural and bought.
• Natural: this talent set would comprise of a decent aesthetic sense, color experience, excellence and sense of trends and fashion. a watch for detail, data of materials so on may be a huge and for those serious a few career as a dressmaker.
• nonheritable skills would be a qualification from a good, recognized fashion Institute. you’ll be able to enter for either a full-time course or a part time certificate course. Students typically take these up once their 10+2 level. Not that the courses are not out there for graduates or folks with higher qualification. There are many short-term certificate courses that are offered by a similar fashion institutes for super specialization, on part-time basis. These courses equip you with technical and artistic thinking skills.


Tips for getting employed
 1. create an excellent portfolio that showcases your inventive skills
2. spot underneath a well known designer is fascinating for getting employed during this business
3. completely analyze the market before creating the outfit.
4. Do freelancing for fashion homes and boutiques.
5. Be inventive, exclusive and innovative.
6. Don’t be impulsive and impatient.
7. Don’t get demoralized by rejections, perceive your drawbacks and work thereon.
8. begin cheap and once you have got evidenced yourself, you’ll opt for the celebs. 

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