Employers need a solid reason and notice for fire an employee

United States organizations along with Canada are not allowed o dismiss or fire any employee without any reason. Some of the places, people can dismiss their employees when they desired but this is not allowed to do the same in Canada.


In Canada, there is a systematic process to be followed to fire an employee. They have to behave with respect with an employee and this is possible when an employee agrees to leave the job otherwise a notice would be issued to him before the fire. He will have to finish his notice period and the employer has to pay them for that certain period then the owner can dismiss.

These things are to happen under provincial law. It is a must state that fired employees get notice period otherwise would pay to sufficient amount on the place of the notice period.

Main reason that one determine for the reasonable firing of the employee in Canada:

  1. Age: at the age of retirement employer can issue notice period to the employee
  2. Long-time: one can issue a notice to the one who is working for long and the firm requires new and fresh talent that time they more notice period.
  3. The same employee with low salary expectation: in case of the firm found and eligible employee having the experience, higher qualification, skills, etc, then notice period is issued to the old employee.

It is not easy to terminate an employee without any solid reason or procedure. Employee has the rights to fight against it if he is criticized by the employer. Many laws are made to protect the employee and make justice towards them.