Gender difference is more in British Columbia, in province women’s are lagging behind by 20% than Men’s

British Columbia has gender equality, as the women are behind men’s. in entire Canada, there is a paying gap among gender but British Columbia is worst at this because they maintained the difference about 20% percent which is not a little but a huge cut-down.

As the last report showed an average regarding the earning of women is $4.13 and it is less than men by 13.3 percent. 18.9 percent difference in Alberta. In Canada, P.E.I. was the only place where there is no gender gap and they are treated equally in the province no discrimination is between gender when it comes to wages or anything else.

The report shows that women between the ages of 25-54 have earned less than men in the year 208 by 13.3% as they earned average money per hour is $26.92. On the other hand, men earned $13.05.It shows the difference between male and female earning is 13.3 percent. Twenty years ago the average difference between men and women’s earnings is 18.8%.

Women are also equally qualified and in each sector where they have interest but still get paid less than the man. Their achievements, higher qualification, and results are ignored the only thing that highlighted is their sex.

The main factors that affect the inducing more gender difference are part-time working in industries like construction, manufacturing, mining, etc. means there are male dominant industries and here women are resistant workers.