Growing world: computers reduced working of human by performing their task

The study, research, and invention make the world growing. With the introduction of new technology leads to advantages but disadvantages as well. it is true machines, computers and technologies reduced or still reducing the needs of humans. The system is performing every task itself just needs to operate once. This is going to impact the worst because if the trend of working with computers or machines is growing then it will generate unemployment.

It will reduce the need for humans only at some places humans are required otherwise every task is done with the help of operating machines. Machines are useful but excess use can affect worse at the economy.

There is banking 10% o the work is done by machines or computers. They don’t have to need humans when they get operated once. Technologies affecting a lot in the U.S. banking sector that count down and giving sliding impact in the employment.

It is not good that the nation or world is growing but is the matter to worry about because people are getting unemployed due to these things. It will go to create a situation of recession in the economy as the machines and computer work increased.

It is good to stay updated with the technologies but having excess use tends to destroy or damage things. It is also proven by the economist that if the excess use of machinery is growing with boosting speed then recession occurs. There is no if and but in the forthcoming situations.