HC overturn the decision of Rajasthan university chancellor

JAIPUR: in a very landmark call, the Rajasthan high court said the chancellor of the university (governor) has no jurisdiction to interfere with the appointment of officers once being suggested by the punctually recognized choice committee and approved by the syndicate.


The single bench order, following a petition by dominion Kumar religious belief and 4 others, allowed the chosen officers to affix for duty.

The petitioners had challenged the choice by the university that unbroken their appointment abeyant on the orders of chancellor once they were issued a change of integrity letters.

The counsel for petitioners, Vigyan shah, said they were selected by a punctually recognized choice committee to the posts of deputy registrar. the choice was preceded by the shortlisting of candidates through a written examination and future approval by the syndicate.

The official order was issued on August seven, 2018, appointing the petitioners as probation tyro deputy registrars. however, the orders were unbroken abeyant following an order by the chancellor on August 9.

Petitioners will be a part of for duty: HC

AK Sharma, the counsel World Health Organization appeared for RI-I, said the university registrar has no choice-however to act in keeping with chancellor’s communication on August 9. The chancellor had sought-after some info regarding the appointments on August seven last year and also the requisite info was well-appointed. No more communication was received from the chancellor. The court said the chancellor has no jurisdiction to direct the choice of officers to the university, created punctually by the recognized committee and approved by the syndicate, to be unbroken abeyant as per Section 10 of the Rajasthan University Act of 1946.

Nothing in Section 100f the Act confers such powers to issue interim directions. The court directed the university to permit the selected candidate to affix for duty. however, the court said the order would be subject to another petition unfinished within the court difficult their choice.