How to survive and succeed while transiting school?

Students are growing day by day and the levels of their classes are also raising their standard. Children move from kindergarten to elementary school to middle school to high school and from high to post-secondary school. The transition of schools brings a great variation into one’s life and he is got have stuck between the trap of anxiety and depression. The sudden change in the level of studies can cause high pressure on the students and they start burdened over them. This is a critical situation it directly impacted the mental and physical health of the students. To overcoming this situation educators try to deduct the burden of transitioning to the school.

Changing of standard from elementary to the middle school creates a problem and different atmosphere as well. The students feel uncomfortable because they are coming from the most caring and familiar environment that does not found here.

This is hard to balance between the students and the pressure. The major role is played in this situation is parents, teachers, and students themselves.

  1. Researchers tell the parents and the teachers have to communicate about their child and fetch the problem that students are dealing with. Then parents have to pay more attention to the students and try to make them happy.
  2. Teachers have to deal accordingly with the students make them feel comfortable. They should make students learn the things in the play-way method, not as a load on their heads. Teachers should have to help them in each case whenever they needed.
  3. Students are to be engaged in extracurricular activities that help them in changing environment and a cool or calm mindset that relieve the stress and make them feel better.


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