Huge difference between the wage rate of a Canadian or an immigrant

Canada receiving so many immigrant applications back to back, but not all the applications get approved there is 60% of application getting approved without any issue. People cross the border of their country and move to Canada means there is something good. The main reason behind this is that the country have employment source with the safe environment. That’s why people came across the country but what they get is discriminated against by wages or salary.

It is not good for the immigrant’s, on the other hand, they got employees at a cheaper rate than average. It is fine to be paying a little less but the gap between the wages of a Canadian and immigrant is now about $50. This makes an immense difference between the Canadian and outer people.

The government of Canada has to do something regarding this; if the gap between the wages is going to increase in the same manner then it tends to reduce the immigrant application. The government also has to understand the outer people that they are living there and they also have the same expense and a Canadian so why the discrimination should. If there is something by which they get relaxation at every expense then it’s another matter but there is nothing like that.

Canada is not valuing the efforts of the international people that they contribute towards their nation, despite that the Canadians discriminate against them. And the thing that makes us disappointing is the gap between the wages is more in the income of aged or senior people by which they get negatively affected. Kindly reduce the gap and make a fair wage rate for everyone.