Inquiry regarding reading level in between the students of Ontario, launched by human rights commission

Human rights commission launching an investigation to check out the status of reading in between the students of Ontario, it is affected by the reading disabilities.

There are 53% of students having reading disabilities and tend to fall in the standard of the province. It is all about the province Grade 3.

Having a low reading level tends to fall behind in literacy can affect life and matching up the trendy life standard. As it affects a lot because having a low literacy level can tend you to stay behind in every field even sometimes students are dropped out of the school. This king of activity can spoil the career and future of the children.

Dropping out or lagging in some particular field can cause mental stress. It causes chronic diseases after a period. This makes people involve in illegal activities which proves them criminal and punished by the law. This can completely spoil one’s life.

The inquiry held by the human rights commission can find out the problem and tries to find the solution and bring them forward to prevent them from the occurrence of any misshapen event into their lives.