Is it a good proposal to eliminate the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker Program’ and Offer them PR?

Elizabeth may, making promises if she gets elected then she is going to eliminate the temporary foreign worker program. This is because she trusts that if the workers are working good enough for the countries then they also deserve the PR and be the permanent immigrant of the country and work for then every year. But what you think is good for the country or not?

If something is going on in any country from several past years and remains the same that means there is a reason that’s why it is steady till now. The aim of May behind the permanent foreign worker is to stop the outflow of money because the foreign workers send the earned income to their home countries which turn to the outflow of the national income. If they are the permanent worker then they would also be allowed living with their families in Canada and it will stop the outflow of money.

It is not possible or seems much good idea because Canada requires workers only when it’s season time. The rest of the year what they have to do is nothing, either Canada has to hire them for the entire year otherwise provide them jobs for the rest of the time. So it not consider as the more beneficial deal.

It is not sensible to fill seasonal jobs with permanent employees. The program of temporary foreign workers is running to meet the space during the season only. The employees are not needed throughout the year. So, the idea of May is not highlighted as a profitable idea for the country. Even is not good enough for the country too.