Is UCB supporting students and staff for taking part in Global Climate Strike in Canada?

The University of British Columbia is opened and classes are going on there, some of the professor’s fights for cancellation of classes due to global climate strike on Friday, cancellation of classes are good for students and professors as well because they are participating in the global climate strike. It prevents the loss of study.

Students across Canada pay immense attention and show awareness and concern towards the strike. The strike is only for creating awareness among the people for a clean and eco-friendly environment. Prevent resources from wastage make the resources available for the next generation. Make the nation developed with sustainability.

If students are contributing this much then it is the responsibility of universities, colleges, and other institutions to help and comfort them for participating in the global climate strike. It is a matter of encouraging the student not to discourage them by disturbing their studies. Disturbance in studies pulls students behind and not to take part in the strike, but here is nothing like that, in fact, most of the students take part and encourage the rest of students to do something for their future.

After seeing students’ efforts professors are also with them and elect there and be the part of the strike which encourages students and meanwhile shows them that they are ending up to cancellation of classes. And UBC also supports the cancellation of classes at the universal level and prevent students from the disturbance of the studies.