J&K secured poor rank in the NAAC latest Ranking

NAAC refers to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The colleges of J&K ranked below in the last NAAC ranking because now the policy of exploring and ranking of colleges has been renewed and the new accreditation for the colleges and the colleges of J&K secured grades B and C only. It is a low grade and effects the reputation of colleges.

According to the new rule of NAAC is 70% assignments of the colleges have to be done by itself and rest of the 30% will be determined on the basic self-study report which is done by NAAC itself via physical inspection.

Previous the self-study report is compromised by 50% and it seems like the right ranking among the NAAC rankings. In the overall ranking, only a single college is there who got 2.69 points out of 3 points. The new accreditation will affect for five years and it starts from 2017 to 2022 because e the last ranking got expired.

The low ranking has hurt the goodwill and reputation of the college that’s why state government and the administrative council decide to set up new colleges in J&K.