Ontario planning to take step towards to get ready students for the future employment

As we looking at the preparation of job among the students we see that Canadians schools are putting really though efforts for this. The preparation is going on mainly in all the cities of Canada but exceptionally Ontario. Ontario is dropping down in preparing students for future employment.

The provincial government of the Ontario plans policy for supporting students to get prepared for employment in the future. This implemented from kindergarten to the 12th grade for their future planning and betterment of career.

The government decides to make a solid plan for this but it is not enough for the students, as it demands strict implementation. The policy is created in the year 2014 and aims for dealing with the growing nation and the problems he would face in the future. In this government setup their goals like the development of various skills in the student that is needed in the future and also the ability to solve the problem without afraid.

But Ontario nowadays is left in this activity but if we check the progress of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec then it is outstanding and going ahead.

Implementation of the policy requires proper guidance and counselors and professional for the proper development of students. But these guides are not available in the sufficient number and this creates an unbalanced situation. To this government decide 357 students are handled by one counselor. In Ontario only 23 schools having counselors and in some schools, the ratio of students per teacher is highest by 687 students.