A jewel is always a cherry on the top! Be always simple and sassy with a right choice classic jewellery but ever wondered who comes up with such designs?

Jewellery designers!!


Jewellery is the envy of many people. We have always admired those good designs of our precious jewelry but ever wondered who comes up with such designs? The art of making jewellery can be quite daunting the one that requires training, creativity and most of all an eye for detail. Jewellery holds a very special significance in India since the beginning of civilization holding the envy of many people uptown.

If you have your interest and creativity, get ready to turn your inspirations into designs with the Jewellery Design course. You will learn drafting, shading, design theory, how to illustrate shape and form using several mediums, and more. In fact, our country is renowned for its jewellery and its designing since ancient times. Add a little bling to your jewelry designing career.


The designer is required to style, mold the jewellery, identify and check the gemstones concerned. The jewellery designer is additionally expected to manufacture and market his/her styles. One can either be a part of the trade as a designer or be a part of the producing section. You’ll even have an option to specialize in Gemology which is able to handle identification and grading of precious diamonds and stones. The designer should prepare sketches on paper by hand on a laptop to conceive the look he has in his mind. This conceptualization is predicated on his feedback from the client or the producing team. The styles can embody detailed drawings, a structural model, laptop stimulations or a complete epitome. Once the look has been developed the styles are created out of the regular or floral patterns and so forms are generated by connecting different structures along.

Jewellery designing is a growing sector of the Indian economy and it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country. Moreover, in India, people have become more conscious about the jewellery they wear, it’s no more a mere investment but has become a style statement.


Educational Requirements:

• For credential, Degree and Certificate courses in jewellery planning, one ought to have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination from any stream of a recognized establishment. many short-run courses are offered for those who have completed their 10th class.

• Before qualifying for the course, a student must pass an aptitude check followed by an interview.

• Crash courses are offered to working professionals and students. Coaching during this field might embrace art categories through technical faculties, together with computer-aided jewelry style coaching in specific computer code packages like rhino, Jewel Cad, Auto Cad, 3D Studio, etc.

• Furthermore, the utilization of Photoshop, Corel Draw and in-depth analysis of volume, weight and metal composition are typically thought of to be vital components of the jewelry planning info.

Duration of the courses may vary from 4-6 months to 2-3 years depending on the institutes or the colleges. The minimum age required is 15 years. As a part of their curriculum, most institutes conduct special workshops for a student.


For a starter, you can expect a salary to be around Rs 7000 to Rs 8000 per month. With experience, it can increase from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 or more. Top-rated designers can easily fetch salaries in excess of Rs 1 lakh a month. If you are working as a freelancer, then your earnings will completely be dependent upon your creativity and your skills in marketing your work. Here there is no limit on how much you can earn.

Nowadays, computer-aided software (CAD) software’s are utilized by jewellery producing companies so as to facilitate product design and to avoid flaws throughout the designing method. CAD not solely permits the designer to form a virtual-reality model of a piece of jewellery however she/he will be able to conjointly modify, amendment the stone or attempt a unique setting and see the changes on a display screen before cutting a stone or acting alternative pricey steps. Once the preliminary changes and settings are created a mold of the prepared model is made in a wax-like or alternative material with the assistance of laptop aided producing (CAM) method. CAM helps within the easier producing of diverse items of constant style.


So Hurry! Give your creativity a chance!!