Over 80,000 jobs were gained by Canada in the past month

Canada is booming now in the employment sector as it has generated new employment opportunities about 80,000 in August 2019 across the whole nation. It is a good thing that had happened in Canada because it directly tends to decline the poverty or unemployment rate in Canada.


There were total vacancies is about 81,000 out of which 50% of the positions are acquired by the youth of Canada. Gaining jobs by the fresher’s seemed and tend to good results for the nation. Fresher’s have new and latest ideas with an attractive and unique way of working. They work effectively than aged people in the country.


Most of the part-time jobs are generated; it is 42000 of 81,000means more than 50%. Girls gained more job vacancies out of the job positions occupied by the youth. This will makes women stronger positions in the economy and that reflects the power of women across the nation.


In this year a few months ago students of age group among 20-24 look for a job, most of them were hired. In the youth acquired jobs the more jobs gained by the students with the age of 15-24. They are doing part-time jobs and enough to meet their expenses.


The generation of employment opportunities is more in Ontario and Quebec. Ontario ranked first in the employment program by the 58,000 of the vacancies.


Quebec ranked second with the creation of 20,000 new jobs in the last month. Most of the employment opportunities were ends up being employed in the finance, real estate, construction, technical and education sector.