Rush of Indian students to Foreign Universities

There has been a steady increase in the number of Indian students pursuing their higher studies in the United States over the last 10 years, according Executive Director of United States-India Educational Foundation, Adam J. Grotsky.


Currently U.S have under 2,00,000 Indian students. There has been an approximate 2.6% or 3% increase last year compared to the year before. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the areas most preferred among Indian students. “U.S campuses are extremely excited to welcome Indian students and international students in general as they add diversity to the campus. USIEF quoted that they recognise Indian students have been very well focused and are also wonderful contributors not just to their departments but to the campuses as well.

The variety of Indian students who enroled for education within the United States rose marginally, at 5.4%, in year2018, aforesaid the newest Open Doors report, revealed by the Institute of International Education. But, it said, there was a 8.8% fall within thenumbers within the graduate or master’s section. This is often not new — last year additionally saw a third fall. However this decline is currently obtaining a lot of pronounced. but this decline is currently obtaining a lot of pronounced. What should be worried about is, the United States has the largest variety of Indian students, who form up the second biggest cohort after China, enroll in postgraduate courses.

If that doesn’t make the United States sit up and note, the actual fact that many students are currently watching alternative countries with equal interest ought to. Take the case of Paritosh Prasad from Gurgaon, who worked for seven years before deciding to pursue MBA at the University of edinburgh. One of the primary reasons to pick out Scotland, UK, was the very fact that Edinburgh and Glasgow are rising monetary cities. Another advantage is that the master’s courses here are of 1 year, that is a smaller amount than several alternativecountries.
Australia is another country that many Indians are considering after  the United States because it provides a better pathway to permanent residency for master’s students. 
A group of leading universities are a part of a visa pilot scheme that aims to produce larger support for studentsfinding out at master’s level who want to change to a work visa. The new visa theme permits students to stay within the Great Britain for 6 months once they have finished their course.


There is a craze for foreign education or you can say an education in one of the developed countries as this would be an added qualification for the student and he / she could find it easier in job settlement. Because generally obtaining a university degree in the degree in the developed countries is not that easy and even these degree have high value in the job market. Moreover, though our IIMs and IITs are much more better in standard of education than these foreign universities, yet very selected few could obtain a seat in these institutions and also they won’t get any aid for doing this particular course. While in case of foreign degrees in the developed countries, most of our Indian students get an aid for their education, so comparatively they find it better to obtain a degree from a foreign university than from our country.