Safety measures are installed in Toronto University to prevent suicide attempts

Toronto University is considered as one of the largest Canadian university which provides every possible amenities to the students by which they feel comfort and study well. Still, they need to install the barriers at the building because of suicide attempts. Last Friday student found dead thereby suicide.

Toronto university doesn’t know about the reason behind suicide but they said a bit regarding it. The researchers and the education workers and professor, later on, confirmed that it was a suicide attempt done by the student.

Protection of students is the first thing to take care of while they are in school, colleges or universities. Students are the responsibility of the education institution until are going there for continuing their studies. This is the reason Toronto University getting more concerned about the safety of the students, that’s why they decide to install the barriers into the building for the protection of the students.

A recent death in the Canadian university aware of all the universities about the mental stress of the students and protect the students with safety measures. Universities try to lower the stress of the students and they provide mental checkups to the students. It helps in knowing about the mental stress of the students and after that parents and teachers do all the possible efforts in comforting them and bring back to a stable situation.

-In the past years, the rate of suicide attempts increased too much and the reason is the stress of the students due to higher studies and stiff competition.