Shortfall of skilled labor in Canada

It is an existing topic for conversation in the country that there is a slow down of skilled labor in Canada. But the question raised is that for whom the sentence is to be used: it is for employees or employers? Let’s check from whom it is stated


One statement is delivered by the experts of Toronto that the country doesn’t have enough skilled labor, they needed to be needed. This is creating immense problems because the inventors and employers are restricted to invest in the business. If they expand their business then they need the capable and skilled labor for handling the business.


There in Canada, so many businessmen are trying to expand the business and the percentage is around 55 percent which consists of small and medium-size ownership. But still, it can’t be done just because of a lack of skills among the labor.


Some so many people are available for jobs with a higher qualification but still, they don’t find effective labor with good performing skills. As they said that qualifications and skills are two different things. There is a shortage of skilled labor, not labor. They are not getting exactly what they want.


This suggests people need to prepare or become certified for the jobs. This will be assured the candidates to prepare them for the various opportunities’. This is states that they need to hire many people who can tackle their firms or expanded the business and proves as an asset for the firm, not a liability.