Sphere are changing in Indian education

Education is the passport to the future, which will help in going and surviving anywhere. In ancient times, education is learning aspects of life at Gurukul but as time changes the method of learning also vary. In Gurukul, the students were taught only the social and personal ethics or duties. This education platform is only for higher society. They don’t encourage the lower caste, untouchables, and girls for the education. The education system in India came to change by entering Britisher’s came with their motive of business in India. They start to teach the girls and lower class people and give a touch of English in it. That was the time where the exact and right education is started in India.


As time passed the Indian government make all the possible efforts towards the education system and the lifestyle of people. Education is not only related to work but it is something that develops the attitude, personality, character, and some other features. Mr. Narender Modi desires to have the best education system and a high lifestyle in India and with the pure heart, they are working on this and change the sphere of education in India.

After putting a lot of efforts many things need to take care of on a priority basis.

In the education system, it is a must to determine the purpose of studying and a teacher first has to conclude this and starts guiding the student about them.

There is a rotation in learning with changing time we have to change the learning methods and starts with the practical and conceptual knowledge.

Introduction of technology is also playing an important role because e-learning can develop various qualities in the learners.