Students of Toronto University want modification, in case of suicide in the university grounds

After the suicide at the University of Toronto, they put various barriers into the university but they thought that it is not enough to control suicide. This is because they know the exact problem, why it’s happening? It is due to mental stress or disorder.

Causing stress leads to chronic disease after a particular period and this makes students commit suicide and end their life. To prevent these problem students makes a group and going to organize an event, held on October 10 on the world mental health day.

Students who have taken the responsibility towards the event for mental health state the rest of group members that have to seek the attention of the students and want them to be understood about the mental care live stress-free. No stress creates the situation of no suicide but stress can cause these problems.

The University of Toronto received various applications for delivering the speech in the event of motivating students that it’s not right what they are doing and hurting them.

They have only to do knows about the mental condition of the students and convert their mental level into the positive one if it is negative. They are aiming to give the student’s new life which is stress-free and full of positive thoughts. They are going to insert the things into their mind by which they will take up the things lightly but not treat as a burden.

In the full event, things are going to discuss the comfort zone if they have to do something bigger in their life or get succeed.