Sufferers of gender violence are supported by Canadian government

The Canadian government pays attention to women’s inequality and the violence regarding this. They do all the possible efforts to make women’s and middle-class families stronger for this they had implemented various projects and plans. It is good for a nation when our country has a safe and secure environment for the girls and women, to live their life freely and according to itself.


Millions of $ government invest to create a safer environment for the women’s not only this but chasing of gender equality and financial strength. Various associations release and receive funds t protect and for the safety of women.

As we know the government in 2017 Canadian government invest around $200 million for the same purpose on the project of women empowerment and safety. Later on in the next year, yes you are right here I’m talking about the year 2018, The government introduce $50 million for investment and launch approximate 60 projects to protect women and make a safer environment for them in which they survive freely.

Not only has this but the government also announced to expend $100 million to provide support to gender equality to the citizens. It is estimated to $160 millions would expend in over five upcoming years. As the project launches back to back shows that after 4-5 years women attain equality completely this all possible because of the though efforts put by the Canadian government towards the women’s. This makes county free and growing in each aspect.-