Suffering from online manipulation, make Canadian scientists and academics to fight back

Electronic technology like media has a lot of craze and trends, not only this even it makes things easier and one can do from anywhere. This makes doing everything much easier than ever and provides the facility to each person. Along with the advantages it has many disadvantages also. Now a day’s everyone is fond f social media a live up to date there if they got a little and even uncompleted new then they also going to post it in the negative sense and spread rumors.

They don’t know properly about the thing and don’t even try to get knowledge about it. They only focus on getting their followers increased and to achieve fame in the location or the country as well.

Now it’s a time of the election in Canada and the Canadian academics and scientists totally against it, in short, they are opposing people who disclose and manipulate through the incomplete or fake news. This would directly affect the election result and may the country get what it doesn’t deserve.

However, the scientist and academics try to prevent the country’ name into the list of countries who are already in trap of intentional attempts in the misrepresentation of government. They try again back to bring transparent the process and news in front of the public by which they can stay away from the fake news.

When it is about people have so many options to influence the views of government and distortion publically. All the things become so challenging to settle down and again make the environment favorable. The one who tries to sway government or the election party ca softly be done the task and no one can catch him even because he couldn’t get traced.