Summer vacation in Jammu & Kashmir

Summer break in college’s of Jammu & Kashmir


As we all know that Jammu & Kashmir access 10 new degree colleges and now government announces about the summer break in Jammu & Kashmir from August 1

The government declares this on the last Wednesday of July 2019 that summer vacation in Government degree college is accessed from 1st August to 10th August.

They observe the environment there and then after making thoughts and lastly they came to the conclusion that in the Kashmir division and winter zone of Jammu division has to allot summer holidays.

Summer breaks in schools of Jammu & Kashmir

In July, the government announced that educational institutions and other recognized educational institutions. It prevails only up to higher secondary schools. The duration of summer break is from 15th July 2019 to 24th July 2019 in the Kashmir division and the winter zone division of Jammu. This notice has been declared by the education department. From that day onwards every year holidays are granted to the students of colleges and schools.