The rise in young suicides prompted doctors to boost preventive program across the Canada

Rising rates of suicide in Canada prompt doctors at the hospital. The hospital aims at the test of the sick children whether involve families in those tests and treatment. The whole program prevents the rise in suicide across Canada.


Statics shows the past repost of the committed suicide in Canada from 2011 show 140 deaths due to overpressure they harm themselves and they belong from the age group of 15-19 years. 58 boys commit suicide and the rest of 82 is girls.

It does not stop here only but the craze of committing suicide increases day by day. Self-harm increase up to 102 percent in the last five years. Statics’ record shows that the age group o girls from 10-17 years are harming themselves purposely. There an increase of 45 percent of injury is checked in hospitalization 2013-2014.

Suicide is the second most leading cause of death in Canada. This is not about all age groups but only among the teenagers. This happened especially from the age of 15-35 probably across the country.

The government and doctors were prompted and start the trial and check-up programs for the prevention of suicide. The programs provide standardize treatment to the families along with the kids. They also take children to the emergency rooms who harm themselves and shown any concern regarding suicide attempt.

They also spread awareness and education regarding self-exploitation and suicide commitment. The speech is delivered in the schools and many other institutions that help in contracting the rate of suicide in Canada.