What to do after 12th?

What next? After we got over the stressful 12th exams and day-night lulling on books, it’s time to finally be relaxed. But again comes the dreadful and long decision making to what to do after 12th class.


Getting good marks is a good thing, but it is definitely not the only thing in a student’s life. it’s good if you score well, but what if you don’t? What to do now? This article provides insights into better career options even if you didn’t score well. There are many colleges in India and the word college brings up many thoughts. While for some it is about reaching the corridors of the top colleges and on the other hand there are many who are not sure about what course to do and which college to join. This is a very important decision to make. It will shape your entire life. So, you should give more possible time to think over it. Education these days is not only limited to engineering, being a doctor or a teacher. There are many options and courses available these days to the non-scorers too. And to decide amongst them could be terrifying and puzzling.

There are many simple steps to make your after-12th-life so easier.


Sort Your Interests
The foremost thing you need to consider while deciding the graduation course is your interest and keenness about it. Having mental clarity about, what you would like to do in future and how much interested you are in a specific field, you can go a long run. For example, if you’re fascinated by archeology however have interest in chemistry, then Art restoration or Museology might be an honest career choice for you.
Understanding of the course
Before you opt that course to pursue, it’s additionally necessary to know what a course entail and what all will it cover?  you must completely perceive what lies within the store for you once you join the course. this implies understanding what subjects will be covered, what will you learn, what teaching pedagogy is followed in a very specific graduation course.
There are many ways to collect necessary data concerning the graduation course you’re aiming to take up. The foremost convenient and obvious would be to speak to your seniors or folks those have opted the fields that are much like your interest. They will be ready to guide you the best. alternative, or consult a career counselor.
Future Prospects
Another major issue to think about upon deciding a university course is its future prospects. Especially, if you’re considering going for a few or off-beat courses, it’s essential to know the task and further study prospects that it holds. Going for a course that matches your interests is great however you ought to be aware of the long run prospects that it offers.

There are some courses which are easily available for non-scorers too.

Fashion Designing


If you always like dressing up, know what the latest trend in fashion industry is and have a knack for good design in clothes, you can join a course in fashion designing.



You see beauty within the straightforward things around you, you appreciate technology, and you’ve got the sense of colours, take up a course for graduation through distance learning or by enrolling in a very university programme. you’ll apply to institutes like FTII (Pune), once you complete your graduation, for a course in filming.

Acting/ dance/ music


If you’re thinking that you’ve got it in you, be part of a course in humanities, like acting, music or dance. you’d want talent and also the can to good your talent so as to pursue these courses.

Animation/ net design:


You are pc savvy and creativeness is your issue, be part of Associate in Nursing animation course, or be part of an online coming up with the course and acquire yourself registered for a course of instruction to pursue your graduation. The scope of the animation business is huge.

Foreign languages


Learn a remote language and acquire recruited an embassy or as a guide or an Associate in Nursing interpreter or as a PR officer.

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