What’s the reason behind confusion of students regarding what to do next?

There is not a single issue that creates confusion into student’s minds but several things that affect the student in choosing what to do next?

Students get confused that what to do and what’s better for their career and future. They have to study all the aspects then they have to make a decision and this confused them most because they have to give preference to everyone; opinion.

  1. Students have to walk according to their parents.
  2. They have to do in which they are interested
  3. They are good at something but don’t have enough interest in it.
  4. They have to perform extracurricular activities which help them in achieving scholarship.

These are the main points that make confuse them and there are some other major or minor points. They get hanged between these things and not every time takes exactly the correct decision that brings them forward with the success.

According to my they don’t have to follow any other’s opinion but have to sort their interest and analyze at what they are good at and can do the things in a better way. They have to choose the platform where they can survive easily and will tackle each situation very smoothly.

Sometimes cost affects much because when students and parents are confident about what they have to do there is a monetary issue but the government implements various plans regarding this issue which helps students for pursuing their post-secondary education.