Who will get paid for the overtime in Canada?

Overtime is paid to the employees but not to everyone but according to the job profiles. In Canada, overtime is paid to them who are working according to the hours not to them having fixed hours and salary with good designation and benefits.

Employees get paid in Canada overtime when they going to work for more hours than 40 or 44 in a week. There is the existence of different working hours in differ province or according to the various working firms.

There in Canada, not everyone is eligible for the overtime because the laws are different in different provinces. The rate of overtime work per hour in Canada is 1.5 times the wage rate per hour. It is a strictly implemented price for the overtime work all over Canada.

There are exemptions on overtime as it is not applicable on all type of job profiles or professions like lawyer, doctor, and scientist, etc and also the people who are handling the managerial work in any firm because it’s their responsibility to manage the things within time or take extra time for this.

If you are eligible and overtime suits your profile and you work more than average, still you remain unpaid by the employer? If yes then you must file a complaint against and take stand for yourself and take your payment because you did work for them. If you let the situation go away then you are missing at your payout. Your ignorance will let the employers do the same thing again with you.